Developer + Operator Collaboration

Developers define Applications and their dependencies, not the underlying infrastructure. Operators define Environments with platform configuration, infrastructure, and policies that enforce their organization’s requirements. Radius brings them together, deploying applications and infrastructure that meet both developer and operator requirements.

Application Graph

Graphs are better than lists. Instead of managing endless lists of infrastructure and resources, Radius Applications capture the relationships and dependencies within an app. This graph can be used to both deploy and understand the application.

Infrastructure Recipes

Developers shouldn’t need to be infrastructure experts. Recipes allow IT operators to define infrastructure-as-code templates used to deploy an application’s infrastructure, while guaranteeing it meets cost, operations, and security requirements. Developers just focus on application requirements, not the underlying infrastructure.

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Cloud Neutral

Teams want tools and solutions that don’t lock them into a specific cloud or platform. Radius is open-source and multi-cloud from the start. With Radius, you can deploy across development environments, on-premises infrastructure, and your public clouds of choice, with a single, consistent tooling experience.

Leverage Existing Tools

Radius meets application teams where they are by supporting proven technologies like Kubernetes, existing infrastructure tools including Terraform and Bicep, and by integrating with existing CI/CD systems like GitHub Actions and Azure DevOps Pipelines.

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